What's Inside?

See what's inside your Vintage Teatime Box

Delightfully Delicious Treats In Easy Steps

Step 1. Put the kettle on and unpack your Vintage Teatimes box and prepare to be delighted with  your extra surprise gift

Step 2. Admire your vintage china cup, saucer and plate from all angles

Step 3. Choose your drink from the bundle of 8 branded teabags

Step 4.  Open the biscuits, select just 3 or 4 (don't want to be greedy do we?) then hide the rest from the family because they are yours

Step 5. Curl up in your favourite chair and enjoy the tea, biscuits and book

Repeat steps 2 to 5 as soon as you can

Get Started

Need more reasons to sign up?

Sometimes you need a nudge to indulge in a bit of me time, for some people this could be taking up a new interest or going to the gym or spa. 

To enjoy the Vintage Teatime box you don't need to leave the house or get into specialist sports gear. All you need is a chair and a kettle, everything else is in the box.

You can have this treat every month with another china trio to add to your collection, different biscuits and teabags plus another great book and extra gift. Just sign up and it's yours.